Conference Update

Dear 2018 CSSA Conference Presenters.

I hope that everyone has had a restful summer. We wanted to give everyone a progress update, as we have 60 days until our conference. As of now, we have 38 confirmed presenters, with a few more still to finalize their plans with us. Consequently, we anticipate roughly 40 scholars from over a dozen different universities presenting their research at the conference. We’re also hard at work securing all of our panel chairs for the dozen or so panels that we’ll run on the 19th and 20th. Finally, we’re in advanced talks with an incredible activist scholar to come to FAU to host a keynote and roundtable workshop during our conference. We’ll be very excited to officially announce this once we dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s with this individual. Consequently, we anticipate sharing the final conference schedule and program with you in the next few weeks.

If you’ve not done so already, please send us the URL to your professional profile, website, social media page, or another public-facing page that best represents your scholarship. We’ll include this link (look to the right of this page) on this site as a way of promoting your work and as a way for you to get to know your colleagues here at the conference.

As always, please email us if there is anything that we can do for you. We’ll post conference updates to this space as soon as we have them.


Ana-Christina, Charlie, Kate, and Mitch

Executive Committee, Comparative Studies Student Association | Florida Atlantic University