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While scholars and students often view imperial projects as historical, rather than contemporary conjunctures, the reality is that these projects, their effects, and their justifications remain a part of current affairs. The continued vilification, rejection and exclusion of voices which express their oppression to and resistance against colonizing powers in a supposed post-colonial age is one of the grand contributors to sustaining the idea of empire as past, but not as a present, continuing condition. This conference looks to amplify voices of dissent as a call to action, interrupting imperial projects through dialogue, learning, and collaboration.

We welcome submissions from diverse disciplines which explore themes within the context of interrupting empire. Please complete and submit the form below to participate in the conference. Your submissions should include your name, your institutional affiliation, a brief description (up to 150 words) of your intended presentation at our conference, and selection of up to three (3) conference themes that your presentation will address.

Conference Themes: African American Studies, American Studies, Asian Studies, Book History, Border Studies, Caribbean Studies, ChicanX Studies, Critical Theory, Cultural Theory, Decolonization Studies, Diaspora Studies, Digital Humanities, Ecocriticism and Environmental Studies, Empire Studies, Engaged Scholarship, Hemispheric Black Studies, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Gender Studies, Hybridity, Indigenous Studies, Latin American Studies, LatinX Studies, Linguistics and Linguicide Studies, Literary Studies, Memory Studies, Migration Studies, Narrative Studies, Popular Culture Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Print Culture, Queer Studies, Rhetorical Studies, Service Learning, Sexuality Studies, Trauma Studies, Whiteness Studies, Women’s Studies.

Please submit your proposal before the 15th of July 2018. We will notify you about the status of your proposal by the conference committee on or around 30 July 2018. We look forward to reading your submissions and to seeing you at Florida Atlantic University this fall